Title: Andromeda
Author: Alania Black
Fandom/Genre: Stargate Atlantis
Relationship(s): Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Explicit sex, BDSM, canon-typical violence
Summary: Trapped further from home than most of the planet could imagine, with an ancient enemy waking and feeding across the galaxy, the it was expected that Sentinels would awaken among the members of the Atlantis mission. But after everything he has experienced, John Sheppard never expected to come online in Atlantis.

Guides only come online when there is a compatible Sentinel nearby that they can bond with. So, when Rodney McKay felt his Guide abilities start to emerge, he knew there was a Sentinel somewhere on the city for him – but he never expected that Sentinel would be John Sheppard.

Together, the two of them have to come to terms with their newly forming relationship, a ravenous enemy and mysteries that will take them into the heart of the Andromeda galaxy.


Chapter One

John bit down on his Guide’s shoulder, one hand sliding soothingly down his chest while the other gripped his hip tighter. He leaned back and growled softly in satisfaction at the bright red mark staining his skin. He leaned back in and bit down again when his Guide moaned, pushing right to the edge of breaking skin.

He reared back and ran a hand down his Guide’s back, collecting the sweat that had gathered there. His hand then smoothed down over the welts rising on the cherry-red skin of his Guide’s ass. He struck with a quick but fairly light spank, just enough to set up a new sting in the flesh. His Guide moaned, and quietly started begging.

“Don’t beg. You never have to beg me for anything, Guide.” He promised. He nudged his Guide’s legs wider and reached down to twist and tug carefully on the plug buried inside him. His Guide let out a long, low groan as the plug was tugged out slowly. John grinned and settled into place, burying himself inside his Guide with a relieved sigh.

They moved together quickly and easily, John admiring his beautiful Guide as he fucked into him. His hair was slicked down with dampness, just curling at the base of his neck and highlighting the string of bites around his throat that served to highlight the mating bite on the left of his neck. His back trembled as he rocked with John’s thrusts, smooth muscles tapering down to his ass. The skin all over it was still red from the wide, blunt hits of the paddle. Long welts striped across the meat of his ass and the tops of his thighs from the crop, and his Guide gave a sweet little cry every time a hard thrust impacted on them.

As his pleasure spiralled higher, he caught his Guide’s bound hands and linked their fingers, stretching their arms further up the bed and anchoring them both in place.

“Together, Rodney.” He whispered softly, and buried his teeth back in the mating scar as their minds and spirits connected and soared together to orgasm.

* * * * *

Rodney squinted at the screen, huffing in irritation as the words continued to blur and his head pounded. He could feel the emotions of the people around him in the lab pressing in on him – his shields muffled them, but they weren’t strong enough to cope with the combined anxiety, fear, excitement and adrenaline buzz that they were all feeling.

It was rapidly getting to the point that he couldn’t concentrate on his work. He tried to shore up his primary shield and close his mind off to the people around him. It worked for a few minutes, but as soon as he started getting into his work again his shield slipped.

He growled in irritation, well aware that as an unbonded Guide, his shields could only do so much to prevent his own irritation and pain to bleed out on the people around him. It was causing a feedback loop – their emotions were causing his irritation, which was bleeding onto them and making them more stressed, which was making him worse.

After another half an hour of struggling to focus, he gave up and packed his things. He appropriated one of the whiteboards and a pack of pens and headed into the hallway. The science area of Atlantis comprised of the main lab, a small office he tried to use rarely, a few additional labs around the outside for specific large or dangerous experiments. Towards the outside of the labs, a good few minutes from the main lab and a trek from the nearest transporter, were some small unused labs.

Rodney selected the largest and moved his things in there. It was inconvenient to get to and too isolated, even for Rodney. But at the moment it was exactly what he needed since it meant that he was far enough away not to be affected by the emotions of the people around him. He was also able to set up his own boards and workstation, and focus harder on his research.

Four hours later he sat back and rubbed his eyes. He still had a lingering headache from earlier and was starting to feel the slight hollowness that warned him his blood sugar was getting low. It was definitely time for him to pack up for the night, get something to eat and get some sleep. Decision made, he locked everything up and headed to the mess hall.

The food was the standard fare for Atlantis, mostly bland and unimaginative food comprised of the local equivalent to earth fare, speckled with a handful of spiced Athosian dishes. He carefully selected a meal, choosing a simple dinner but adding a spiced Athosian side dish that mixed herbs and grains with something that came out of the ocean but tasted a bit like chicken that had become a personal favourite. One of the biggest benefits he had discovered, when their food stores from Earth went basic after the first year in Pegasus, was that there was nothing citrus based in the galaxy so he didn’t have to be selective about the food he chose.

He settled at a table on his own, he still didn’t feel ready to get too close to people with his shields as weak as they were. It was irritating, he had been online now for close to two months, and his Sentinel had still not come forward. Guides were fragile without a bond with a Sentinel to balance their senses, and as a result they only ever came online when there was a compatible Sentinel nearby who they could bond with. And Sentinels could not use their senses effectively without a Guide to support them, unless they wanted to put themselves at serious risk of zoning.

So why was it that after two months, his Sentinel was still hiding his gifts?

Rodney morosely finished his dinner, barely even tasting the Athosian dish or the hot drink that was almost as good as coffee. He looked around at the other tables, full of teams and groups, and considered joining them. But he was so exhausted mentally and emotionally that he just wanted to sleep. He dropped his tray off at the cleaning station on his way past, and headed to bed. He needed to sleep off the day, and hope that when he woke up his Sentinel would be ready for him.

* * * * *

John looked up at Rodney and smiled as he closed his office door and locked it. Rodney was carrying a tray with their lunch on it, and sat it down on top of John’s reports decisively. John laughed and pushed back slightly from the desk.

“I take it this is your way of telling me it’s lunchtime?”

“Yes. And you’re too stressed, I could feel you getting more tense from the lab.”

John sighed. “It’s just personnel reports. They’re tedious and irritating and some people are just so… frustrating.” Rodney hummed and kissed him, drawing it out until John sighed and relaxed into the kiss, seizing control and deepening it, using one hand in Rodney’s hair to tug him down onto his lap. Rodney relaxed into it instantly, submitting easily to John. “I like your idea of relaxing me.” He decided finally.

Rodney grinned wickedly. “This is just the teaser. I thought I’d really help you relax by crawling under this table and blowing you until you can’t feel your toes and you have something pleasant to remember when you go back to your reports later. If that would please you, Sentinel?”

John groaned, his dick already hard at the thought. He growled roughly, and tugged Rodney into another hard kiss, before releasing him.

“Well then, I think you better get to it, Guide.” He rumbled. He settled back into his chair and picked up the water Rodney had brought to him, taking a few sips while his Guide slid to his knees between John’s legs and got to work opening his fastenings and tugging his dick out into the air. John took a moment to appreciate the sight of his Guide at his feet, before he tipped his head back and groaned as Rodney sucked him into his mouth. He started off simply, suckling on the head and tonging the spot just under the crown that always drove John crazy, while one hand gripped and stroked the shaft firmly.

He slid one hand into his Guide’s hair and used it to tug him carefully into a position he wanted, hand tightening slightly as Rodney did something wicked with his tongue. He had just started to get into the rhythm of the movement when Rodney changed it up again, this time by releasing the rest of his shaft and carefully sucking his way down, wet heat and pressure and suction drawing John into his throat. He moaned loudly as Rodney held him there for several seconds before drawing with a low hum until just the crown was held in his mouth. Rodney pulled back and blew a stream of air over his damp cock, cooling the saliva still coating him and making him groan at the sensation.

John tugged his hair gently, hips twitching as he encouraged his Guide back to his dick. Rodney smirked up at him, but obediently sucked him back into his mouth and relaxed his throat, tugging John’s hips a little to encourage him to thrust. He didn’t have the leverage here to really thrust deep, but it was enough to satisfy the itch to bury himself in his Guide and, combined with Rodney’s wicked mouth, he was coming only a few minutes later.

Rodney swallowed him down and sank back, panting, damp and flushed but smiling happily. As soon as John could move properly again (and feel his toes, just like Rodney had promised, he tugged Rodney onto his lap and kissed him, finishing him off at the same time.

They enjoyed their lunch post-coital and still in disarray. It was the perfect way for them to relax and re-connect, especially as their new bond sometimes felt stressed by the distance and pressure they sometimes put on it. Rodney left twenty minutes later, and John tidied himself up and got back to his personnel reports. Suddenly they weren’t so frustrating or tedious.

He wondered if they could make a lunchtime quickie a regular thing.

* * * * *
In the two months since Rodney had been diagnosed as being an online Guide, he had been temporarily removed from the field team. Colonel Sheppard still went out with Teyla and Ronon, and now he was backed up by a second unit of Marines to make up for the missing team member.

They had initially tried to send other scientists with them – the expertise would be helpful and there were plenty of scientists who were interested in field teams. But after the third trip, they all unanimously decided that it was a bad idea to try to add another scientist to the team to replace Rodney.

They had started with Dr Simpson, who had been dating Dr Hadley last Rodney knew. Apparently that relationship ended, because she spent half the trip trying to get Sheppard to look twice at her, and the other half trying to field off the advances of the natives on the planet they visited, who had apparently never met a woman with red hair before. It turned out to be an all-around disaster that was not going to be repeated.

Next he tried to send Dr Moore, hoping that the solid and hardworking man would settle in better with the team. It worked out fine initially, until they had found energy readings leading to a cave. He was still under daily observation from the infirmary after the cave collapsed on him. Rodney would probably be in the field again before he was allowed off Atlantis.

Finally they had tried Dr Woo. That had worked out pretty well, she was as solid and dependable at Dr Moore and gave the team an extra female presence that helped in some of the more ravaged societies across Pegasus.

Her first trip off-world, the planet they were on was culled by the Wraith. They all escaped alive but from all reports, she still woke up screaming at night. It was the last straw for the science team – finding out that one of their own had been crushed by a cave-in and another had almost been culled. It had been enough for Sheppard as well, when he had pushed a berretta towards her to protect herself with and realised she didn’t even have basic field training and had been completely incapable of protecting herself.

Rodney was currently reaming out every member of his team that hadn’t taken any of the offered classes to learn basic self-defence techniques. He had been horrified to realise only nine of the fifty-six members of his department regularly took any kind of defence or fitness class, and only twenty-three of them had taken weaponry training. He made it clear to them that they were not allowed to continue to threaten their expedition by being unable to protect themselves and therefore burdening the already over-burdened soldiers with their protection as well.

In the month since Dr Woo had been sent back to the sciences in disgrace, all but four of the scientists had learned how to use a weapon and over half of them were taking self-defence lessons or running with some of the groups (Rodney was more than happy to advocate ‘run away quickly’ as an option, certainly it was preferable to ‘stand around helpless and watch the soldiers get show to protect you’)

In all that time, Rodney had never been truly irritated or upset that Sheppard was taking their team without them. So he didn’t quite understand why the small niggle that said ‘you should be there’ had gone from a niggle to a full blown warning in the last hour or so. He didn’t really understand why he instinctively needed to be with the rest of the team out on a trading mission, but there was something inside him that was insisting on it.

He went to the control room, and stayed watching the ‘Gate and wondering if he could justify sending himself there to join them. He was still thinking about it when the anxiety in his mind suddenly crested to a sharp call of have to be there now seconds before the Gate opened for an unscheduled off-world activation. The shield dropped a few seconds later when they received the signal, and the members of AR-1 and the Marine unit they had gone with came running through, weapons ready and primed. Two of the marines were dragging someone else with them and it wasn’t until the Gate disconnected to the horrific sound of hollow thuds and the pop of bullets that Rodney really noticed. The anxiety in his mind disappeared, but a new and strange feeling had taken its place that Rodney didn’t understand.

At least, until he saw Colonel Sheppard, still being supported by a Marine on either side of him as he stood, hunched and pained but also bloody and holding a knife, completely ready to put down any threat that got near.

Rodney felt faint with shock as he realised that somewhere in the field, Colonel John Sheppard had flipped online, and was now a powerful, feral Sentinel.

Rodney’s Sentinel.

Chapter Two