Title: Such Red Eyes
Author: Alania Black
Fandom/Genre: Teen Wolf
Relationship(s): Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit sex, canon-typical violence, magic and mayhem, AU-werewolves are known

Summary: In a world where Alpha ‘wolves rule, Derek Hale has never felt that he fits in with his sleek, powerful family. He may have the Sentinel ability in his bloodstream, and three young bitten ‘wolves as his personal pack, but his eyes have always stubbornly remained the Beta ‘wolf blue – a fact that few people in his power-hungry world lets him forget.

As a mundane human, Stiles Stilinski lives a normal life unaffected by the power-plays and politics of the upper echelons, until his best friend is bitten by a rogue Alpha and suddenly werewolves and magic become a part of his life. And the deeper he gets into the mysteries of the Uncanny, the closer he gets to unlocking a part of himself he didn’t know existed.

Then he meets Scott’s new pack, and the notorious Derek Hale – and everything changes.

Chapter Four

Stiles curled up on his bed, staring at a photo of his mother. Her loss, her absence, still felt like a gaping hole in his life, and every day he found one more thing he wished he could talk to her about.

But never more than he felt today. He had known, in the distant sort of way that children knew of things that happened to their parents but weren’t about them, that his mother had been a Guide. He’d been aware of Peter Hale as a friend of his parents and he had known, theoretically, that Peter had believed Claudia Stilinski was his Guide.

His parents had met when they were nineteen, fresh out of school and full of joy for the future. They had married young, and had a baby before they were twenty-three. His mother had always had the spark – the ability of a mundane to handle the tools and powers of the Uncanny – but she had eschewed the potential of being an Emissary or in some other way using her ability to increase her power and status. She had chosen her mundane husband and son.

The full story of what had happened between her and the Hales wasn’t one Stiles was ever likely to truly know. What he did know was that shortly after Stiles’ fifth birthday, his mother had come online as a Guide. As an unbonded Guide, his mother was cossetted, protected, and offered anything she needed. It was likely part of the reason his father had been given the chance to earn the position of Sheriff.

When Stiles was six, Peter Hale returned from University. Twenty three and flushed with the power of a Sentinel ‘wolf, he had taken one look at Claudia Stilinski and decided she was his Guide. He had started out by getting involved with her life, getting to know Stiles. Befriending the family. Until the day he finally asked her to bond with him and she gently let him down.

Stiles doesn’t remember the incident that earned him the scars on his back and side. He remembers driving home from school in the car with his dad, remembers the sudden screech of tyres and the sight of a grotesque half-man creature in the road ahead.

He remembers his mother crying softly by his bedside when he woke in the hospital.

“I barely knew my uncle.” Stiles jerked and flipped over, hand flying out to try to grab something to protect himself with. He wound up with a glass of water, panting heavily, staring at Derek Hale standing by his open window.

“What?” He gasped. Derek slinked over and sat down at his computer desk.

“I said I barely knew my Uncle. I knew of him, everyone did. But I was really young when he went to University and when he came back… well, he spent every second he could with…”

“With my mum.” Stiles finished flatly. He refused to hear the words ‘with his Guide’.

“Yes. I remember that he was funny, in a sarcastic way, but he liked to play pranks.”

“I don’t know… I don’t know what happened to him after…”

“When your mother refused to bond with him, he had a psychotic break. He tried to kill you and your father because he blamed you for your mother’s refusal. My mother had him watched, because she was concerned by his reaction, and she got there in time… before he killed you. He turned on her, and she killed him.”

“He tried to kill his Alpha Prime?”

“He was crazy.” Stiles nodded, and carefully dried away his tears. He sniffed a little.

“It wasn’t her fault. It wasn’t. She never wanted to be a Guide, or to have the spark.”

“That’s not true.” Derek said softly. “I didn’t get to know Peter well, but I knew your mother, before her illness. She came to Pack meetings sometimes, and she spent time with the kids in the Pack. She loved her abilities. She used to say that you and your dad never had to tell her you loved her, because she could feel you with her every day. She used to say that her spark let her feel nature at her finger-tips, and it made the whole world sing like magic.”

“I… I remember her saying that.” Stiles whispered. “I can’t believe I ever forgot.”

“Your mother’s abilities were a gift. She didn’t want the position society offered her, and that’s fine, she had the right to chose her own life. But she respected her gifts, every day of her life.”

Stiles stifled a sob, and suddenly felt warm arms wrapped around him. He pressed his face into a warm, slightly spicy-smelling chest and took the comfort Derek was offering. Somewhere between one stifled sob and the next, Stiles fell asleep.

* * * * *

Derek was still there when Stiles woke up. He had settled them both more comfortably on the bed, and was reading a book with one hand, the other was wrapped around Stiles and holding him gently in place. He had taken his leather jacket off, so Stiles’ cheek was resting against a surprisingly soft grey top. Stiles felt a low hum of comfort around him, a sensation he had always associated with his mother.

“Whssa?” He mumbled, rubbing his cheek against the fabric. Derek rumbled back at him.

“Do I want to know what’s going on here?” His dad’s voice asked dryly from the doorway area. Stiles blinked his eyes open and popped his head up to look, too comfortable to jerk up like he normally would.

“I was just keeping Stiles company, Sheriff.” Derek replied calmly, setting Stiles’ book aside. Stiles grumped but rolled away from him. His dad took his hand and helped him to his feet and away from the man in his bed.

Stiles gasped softly as he felt a sudden and overwhelming sensation of love, tempered with amusement, concern and a twinge of loss. He was hugging his dad before he realised what was going on.

“Stiles?” His dad asked, the concern increasing. Stiles stepped back, and reluctantly let go. The feelings faded gently.

“Stiles is a latent Guide, Sheriff. I think he’s close to coming fully online, he has the spark and he is starting to show Guide gifts. I think his empathy is emerging, with touch at least.”

“Is that why…” Stiles wiggled his fingers. Derek raised an eyebrow, “I felt…” he blushed, unwilling to talk about the personal emotions he had felt. Somehow, he thought the look in Derek’s eyes was approval.

“You’re feeling our emotions.” Derek said gently. “I think only when you’re touching, at the moment.”

“I’m not online, am I?”

“Not yet. But your aura is getting… stronger, more attractive to the Sentinel in me. I think using your spark is accelerating your development.”

“I can’t stop it now, can I?” Stiles whispered. His dad cupped his shoulder gently (love and concern and pride) and shook his head.

“Not now, Stiles. But you can learn to control it, or you can bond with a Sentinel and they will shield you.”

“Mum didn’t bond.” His dad physically flinched, and dropped into the computer chair. Stiles perched back on the bed beside Derek.

“Your mum and I were married when she came online and we had you. She made her choice not to find an online Sentinel and bond with him. She decided to stay with me and wait… to see if I would come online as well.”

Stiles’ mouth dropped open in surprise. Derek, on to other hand, didn’t even twitch.

“You’re a latent Sentinel?” He glared at Derek, “you knew?”

“Your mother and I didn’t know, when we got together. But we were both diagnosed as latent when she was pregnant with you. We thought that we were meant to be together, and we decided that if either of us came online we would wait to see if the other came online as well. And if it didn’t happen, for one or both of us, we were happy with that. But Stiles, your mother would never have wanted you to deny yourself anything. She was so proud of you, Stiles.”

Stiles nodded, but buried his head in his hands. This was all so complicated, all of a sudden.

“Stiles,” Derek rumbled quietly. “If there’s anything I’ve learned from you in the last week or so, you’re determined, and you’re adaptable. I’m nowhere near as flexible as you are and I’ve been online and alone for a long time. You’ll cope, whatever you decide to do.”

Stiles grinned and glanced at Derek. “Thanks, Derek.” He blew out a breath and suddenly started giggling. “I can’t believe this, look at us! A week ago you were glaring at me and telling me to stay away from Scott and now I just went for a nap curled up in your arms. If we carry on like this, we’ll be bonded by this time next week!”

He meant it to be a joke, he really did, but in that instant he could see it happening. Stiles had been gone over Derek for years, and as an unbonded Guide, Sentinels would be drawn to him like moths to a flame. Derek was already tied to Stiles through Scott, and he needed a Guide.

It tasted like ashes in his mouth suddenly: the thought that he could have Derek, but only because of his Guide abilities and Derek’s need. Not because of anything real.

He realised that his face must have just done something painful-looking, because his dad was looking vaguely homicidal (wericidal? Lycanthropicital?) towards Derek. Derek’s mouth twisted, but suddenly he was looking at Stiles.

“I have an offer for you from Deaton.” Derek said, instead of anything in response to Stiles’ stupid comment. “He is willing to train you to use your spark, and teach you some things about being a Guide. You don’t have to become an Emissary if you get the training, and he can work around your school so you don’t have to miss out on your education.”

“That’s a really good offer, Stiles. You should take him up on that. Deaton is the one who trained your mother as well.”

Stiles swallowed and nodded. “Maybe I will then, soon.”

Derek nodded. “I’ll probably be back soon with an offer from my mother, once she’s decided what to offer you. An unbonded Guide is always invited into the Pack and given their protection.”

Stiles looked sideways at Derek.

“You’re a bit of an idiot sometimes.” He said finally, “and you don’t always make the right decisions. Like trying to separate me and Scott.” He swallowed. “But your Pack are good people, and they are strong and safe. And that’s because of you. Erica told me that you were the one that suggested her for the bite in the first place, and stayed with her when the moons were hard. Isaac says he’s always been able to call you when he’s needed to, no matter where you were or what time it is. Boyd said they all chose to be in your Pack when your mum told everyone she was going to give you one. You’re a better Pack Alpha than I think even you think you are. If your mum is going to make any kind of an offer… I’d like her to bear that in mind when she does it.”

Derek looked away from Stiles, the tips of his ears going pink. Stiles’ dad shifted uncomfortably, and moved to stand up and leave. Derek spoke before he had a chance.

“I’m not going to offer to court you.” He said quietly. “Not yet, because I think at the moment you have a lot you need to sort out first. But once you’re comfortable with your Guide gifts, and you’ve made a decision about your future… whether you want to train with Deaton or not, whether you want to take my mum’s offer. Then, when you’re ready, I will come back with an offer of my own for you to consider. Not because you’re a Guide, either.”

Derek frowned, and looked like he was struggling for a moment, before he carefully took Stiles’ hand in his own.

It was overwhelming, for an instant. This wasn’t just a surface reading, this was… everything. Everything Derek was – his pride in his Pack, his love for his family, a strange deep fear and guilt that Stiles didn’t understand the source of. And everything he felt for Stiles – a mild irritation that blended seamlessly with amusement, respect, awe. A little mild envy. Attraction, an odd sort that was mostly physical but also emotional. A little hesitance, but a healthy dose of anticipation. A fledgling hope.

Suddenly, Stiles was certain that, when the time came, there was at least one offer he was certain of the answer to. He was patient, he could easily wait until Derek was ready.