Title: Such Red Eyes
Author: Alania Black
Fandom/Genre: Teen Wolf
Relationship(s): Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit sex, canon-typical violence, magic and mayhem, AU-werewolves are known

Summary: In a world where Alpha ‘wolves rule, Derek Hale has never felt that he fits in with his sleek, powerful family. He may have the Sentinel ability in his bloodstream, and three young bitten ‘wolves as his personal pack, but his eyes have always stubbornly remained the Beta ‘wolf blue – a fact that few people in his power-hungry world lets him forget.

As a mundane human, Stiles Stilinski lives a normal life unaffected by the power-plays and politics of the upper echelons, until his best friend is bitten by a rogue Alpha and suddenly werewolves and magic become a part of his life. And the deeper he gets into the mysteries of the Uncanny, the closer he gets to unlocking a part of himself he didn’t know existed.

Then he meets Scott’s new pack, and the notorious Derek Hale – and everything changes.

Chapter One

Stiles Stilinski was born and raised in Beacon Hills to a mundane father and a Sensitive mother. He was aware, through his mother’s experiences as a Sensitive, of the Uncanny and of the Pack that ran Beacon Hills. But his mother had always shied away from her abilities, and after her death he retreated to a purely mundane, human life and let the Uncanny fade away.

He never regretted it, not once, until the day that he and Scott decided to go looking for a body in the woods.

“Scott, man, I heard it on the Scanner! They think there’s an Omega in the territory and someone has gone missing. The ‘mega has to have killed him, so come on – I wanna see if we can find the body!”

Scott sighed, but gamely followed Stiles out to his truck. Stiles drove to the preserve, but hid his truck in a side street – no need to make it easy for his Dad to figure out where he was. The hiked on foot into the woods and headed towards the stream – Stiles knew that Alpha Prime Hale and her pack lived in the territory towards the East, so the most likely place for a ‘mega to go would be to the water source towards the West where it would have shelter and water with less risk of being found.

“It was a good theory.” Scott told him sympathetically, patting his shoulder.

“It still is a good theory!” Stiles cried. Scott shook his head.

“I was a good theory two hours ago. Now, it’s keeping me awake when I need to be sleeping. It’s the Lacrosse try-outs tomorrow and I want to be-”

“First line this year. I know, Scotty-boy. Just ten more minutes?” He wheedled. Scott sighed, but gave in eventually.

Twenty minutes of hiking later and plenty of whining from Scott, Stiles was about ready to turn back himself. He just turned his head to tell Scott that when he spotted them – the eyes, in the woods. Watching. He grabbed Scott’s arm to stop him and froze his own steps, unable to look away from the eyes.

“Umm, Alpha Prime… Talia Hale, right? Is… Is that you?” He asked. The only answer he got was a low, angry growl – then the eyes moved and the huge body of a fully transformed Alpha Wolf hurtled towards them.

Every second of lessons and training on how to deal with an Alpha went out the window. Stiles panicked, Scott panicked, and they ran.

And ran.

And ran.

Stiles finally stopped when he fell over, rolled a few times and stopped against a tree. Nothing leapt on him and immediately tore his throat out, so he figured he was safe – but where was Scott?

Twenty minutes of terrified searching later, Stiles gave up and hurried back to his jeep. He drove slowly all the way to Scott’s house, looking out for his friend. He almost collapsed in relief when he finally spotted him two streets down, looking battered and leaf-covered but alive and whole. He stopped the jeep but before he had a chance to get out and call for Scott, the other teenager had turned around and walked towards the jeep. Scott carefully levered himself into his seat, gave Stiles an unimpressed look, and crossed his arms.

Stiles started the jeep and drove carefully towards Scott’s house. Scott was still silent. Stiles turned onto Scott’s street. Scott was silent. Stiles pulled up outside Scott’s house. Scott was silent.

Stiles broke. “I’m sorry, man. I didn’t know… how could I have known! I didn’t mean to…”

“To put us in the woods on our own with a crazy Alpha on our own?”

“Um, yes, that.”

“And to keep on going even after I asked us to turn back repeatedly.”

“Ah, yes.”

“And to run away when the ‘wolf chased us, abandoning me on my own.”

“What, no Scotty, you ran too! We were both running away, we ran away at the same time. You left me as well.”

“It didn’t follow you, Stiles, it followed me! It didn’t bite you, Stiles!”

“It bit you?!” Stiles gasped, looking Scott over. Now he was looking for it, he could see tears in the side of Scott’s top and some suspicious bloodstains.

“Yes, it knocked me over, bit me, then sniffed me and ran away.”

“Oh, Scotty. Well, maybe… maybe it will be OK. I mean, it was an Alpha but it didn’t have a Pack and it was clearly insane. Maybe the bite didn’t take?”

“Oh, it took. I can already hear and smell better – I knew you were behind me before you pulled up. And the bite is healing, it’s stopped bleeding.”

Stiles slumped and banged his head on the steering wheel. “Oh, Scott.”

“Don’t, Stiles. I… My dad’s family have the Sentinel/Guide gift sometimes. Hopefully I’ll be fine. If… If I am… turning, I’ll turn myself into the Hales tomorrow.”

Stiles swallowed down the lump in his throat and nodded. Scott smiled weakly.

“It’s not all bad, Stiles. If I survive the bite… this could be a good thing for me. No more Asthma, at least!”

Stiles laughed softly and patted Scott’s shoulder. Scott grinned back at him, before jumping out of the jeep and running into his house. Stiles sighed – Scott was right, this was not a bad thing, but it would mean a lot of changes.

Scott was his best friend though, and Stiles knew he would be by Scott’s side, no matter what.

* * * * *

By the next morning, Scott had confirmed that the bite had taken – the wound was still there but it had healed quickly and his senses were expanding. He still came to school though, which Stiles decided straight away was a stupid idea.

“Look, Scotty, you and I both know that with your changes, school is just a really bad environment for you. You need to go to the Hales and get them to help you. If you lose control, they won’t care that you’re newly turned without consent – they’ll shoot first and ask questions later, especially if you do it in school after that thing last year in Columbus.”

“But I don’t want to miss Lacrosse practice!”

“Trust me, Scotty, as soon as Coach finds out you’re a ‘wolf, you’ll be on first line no matter when you tried out. You know ‘wolves are always first line.”

Scott sighed and nodded, and went to sign out sick. Stiles lasted all of ten minutes into his next lesson before he signed out sick as well and went to track Scott down.

Which wasn’t as hard as the thought – Scott was stood outside the school, talking to a cute girl with long brown hair. She flipped her hair and gave Scott a sweet smile. Scott grinned back, then looked up and spotted Stiles. Stiles raised his eyebrow and Scott smiled sheepishly. The girl looked over at Stiles then back to Scott, who made his excuses and moved away. Just in time, as well – the Principal walked out of the school to speak to the girl just as they pulled out.

“Her name is Allison. She’s a new student, they just moved here.”

“Ok.” Stiles replied disinterestedly. Scott carried on regardless.

“Allison, such a cute name for a cute girl. Do you think she thought I was cute, Stiles?”

“Of course she did buddy.” He said absently.

“Stiles, come on, do you think she thought I was cute?”

Stiles ignored him as he pulled up at the Hale house. He jumped out of his jeep, and Scott followed, still whining. Eventually he gave up. “Yes, Scott, I’m sure she thinks you’re cute. Just like a little puppy dog.”

Scott started smiling, but wrinkled his nose at the end. Suddenly he stilled and his head tilted. Stiles looked in the direction he had been looking to find a scary-looking guy standing on the Hale porch with his arms crossed and his face set for eyebrows of doom.

“Really,” he said to Scott. “You turned up unannounced and brought a human that likes to tell dog jokes. Great.”

He turned around and walked back into the house, his face still set in a flat frown.

A few moments later, Scott gasped angrily.

“He said I can come in… but my pet has to go home.”

“He means me, doesn’t he.” Scott’s mouth twisted unhappily, but he nodded. “Seriously, that’s just-”

“It’s his house, Stiles, and I need him. Please, just, I’ll call you later and tell you everything.”

Stiles crossed his arms and glared, but eventually gave in. “You better tell me everything Scott, I mean it.” He looked back at the house and grumbled “asshole!” He sincerely hoped the mountain man posing as a werewolf in there heard him.

With one last sad glare at Scott, Stiles jumped back into his jeep and drove away. He wasn’t happy but Scott needed this so, for the time being, Stiles would let him have his time with the ‘wolves. For now.

Chapter Two