Title: Such Red Eyes
Author: Alania Black
Fandom/Genre: Teen Wolf
Relationship(s): Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit sex, canon-typical violence, magic and mayhem, AU-werewolves are known

Summary: In a world where Alpha ‘wolves rule, Derek Hale has never felt that he fits in with his sleek, powerful family. He may have the Sentinel ability in his bloodstream, and three young bitten ‘wolves as his personal pack, but his eyes have always stubbornly remained the Beta ‘wolf blue – a fact that few people in his power-hungry world lets him forget.

As a mundane human, Stiles Stilinski lives a normal life unaffected by the power-plays and politics of the upper echelons, until his best friend is bitten by a rogue Alpha and suddenly werewolves and magic become a part of his life. And the deeper he gets into the mysteries of the Uncanny, the closer he gets to unlocking a part of himself he didn’t know existed.

Then he meets Scott’s new pack, and the notorious Derek Hale – and everything changes.

Chapter Three

Derek Hale was following him.

Stiles wasn’t too sure about it at first, but it had been three days now since the morning he was referring to (in his head) as friend-gate. At first, he’d thought maybe Derek was keeping an eye on his Pack, especially the newest addition – when he’d seen him out the windows at school, at the end of the field at Lacrosse practice.

But Stiles was just loading the groceries into his jeep for dinner – alone – when he caught the now familiar dark shadow in the corner of his eye. He watched for a moment before returning to his groceries, but it was enough. Derek Hale was definitely watching him.

He put the trolley away and came back to his jeep – and almost leapt out of his skin when he realised Derek was leaning up against his door. He wanted to ignore him, to walk around him and pretend he didn’t exist, but there was no way he could do that when the other man was blocking his door. He scowled.

“What do you want?” He sighed, crossing his arms.

“I want you to stay away from Scott. He has a lot to learn and I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to be around someone like you.”

Stiles’ mouth dropped open in shock and he stared for a moment, speechless. He flailed a hand at Derek and snarled.

“Tell me that you didn’t say something so stupid to Scott again!” He growled. He noticed with surprise that Derek’s cheeks went a little pink.

“He didn’t… respond well.” He gritted out. Stiles snorted.

“No shit. How dare you! Scott and I have been best friends since we were kids, man. You can’t just come in here and tell him ‘you’re a werewolf now, I’m in charge so I’m going to isolate you from all of your friends and make you spend your time with my group’. Dude, that’s pretty much cult-101 behaviour.”

“Don’t call me dude.”

Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Look, Scott and I are friends, best friends. You can glare, and follow me around, and look at me like you’re thinking of tearing me limb from limb, it doesn’t matter. We’ll always be friends. And if you want Scott to stay in your Pack, you need to get over this whatever it is that you’re doing now. Because you keep this up he will just walk away from you, and we both know that he needs to be part of a Pack.”

Stiles glared at Derek. Derek frowned back at him, eyes furrowed. Eventually he moved away from Stiles’ door slowly, and nodded just once. Stiles rolled his eyes, wrenched the door open, jumped in and drove away. He glanced in his rear-view mirror on his way out of the lot. Derek was still just standing there, glaring after his jeep.

He made it two blocks away before the anger and hurt overwhelmed him and he had to pull over until his hands stopped shaking. He slammed his fists into the wheel once, and slumped in his seat. He was so stupid – why was he so taken by Derek, when the other man clearly hated him?

Not that it mattered really. Derek was twenty-three, he was the son of the Alpha Prime in the region, one of the strongest Sentinels recorded anywhere in the US and the strongest recorded female Sentinel every. He had finished a Bachelors in Architecture in only four years, and had spent the time interning at a company that had designed and implemented building low-cost, easy construction houses in countries like Nigeria. Derek himself had been credited with a design feature that allowed the roof supports to hold small solar panels to provide free energy in the homes as well.

The only reason Derek was even still a Beta – albeit an Alpha-potential – was that he hadn’t yet found a compatible Guide.

He would have no interest in a skinny, mouthy, mundane seventeen year old anyway.

But that didn’t stop Stiles from feeling hurt by the man’s clear distain for him, or upset that he had tried to damage Stiles’ friendship with Scott. Scott needed Derek and his Pack to help balance his senses, and a small part of Stiles was afraid that, if Derek really demanded it, Scott might decide to turn away from Stiles to keep the safety and protection that Derek’s pack was offering him.

* * * * *

If Derek Hale had become an untouchable subject between Stiles and Scott in the four days since Scott joined Derek’s Pack, the rest of his Pack were completely different. The three other members of Derek’s Pack, all Seniors at Beacon Hills High as well, had gone out of their way to get close to Scott. And all three of them had been more than happy to draw Stiles in as well.

It had started in on the first day, in Biology, with Isaac Lahey sliding into the seat next to Scott and smirking at Stiles. It took a few seconds for him to realise that it was more of a ‘hello’ than an ‘I am better than you puny mortal’, but with a flavour of ‘yes I can rip your throat out with my teeth if I want to’.

Isaac’s smirks were an interesting language. It almost made up for the fact that he had not said a single word to Stiles in the last four days. But Siles understood what Scott meant, the other boy was surprisingly sweet for all that he was a sarcastic little shit. Stiles wasn’t sure what had happened to him when he had become Mayor Whittemore’s foster son at the age of twelve, but he had a feeling that at least part of Isaac’s behaviour was a result of that.

Erica Reyes was totally catwoman, Stiles had decided. She had sashayed up to them in Chemistry and promptly declared Stiles her lab partner. She was brilliant and funny and sexy as hell, but there was nothing between them but friendship, Stiles had realised quickly. It was nice, actually, he could already tell they were going to grow to be good friends, if Derek didn’t decide to randomly ban her from seeing him as well. And while she looked like a vixen, her Guide aura was full of sweetness and empathy.

Stiles secretly – and not so secretly – adored Erica’s boyfriend. Boyd was the epitome of a ‘wolf – he was strong, and calm, but underneath he was a powerhouse that would deal swiftly and without mercy with any threat to the tribe. Boyd also clearly adored Erica, and he had slipped seamlessly into their group whenever they shared a class, or at their lunch breaks.

Scott and Stiles had gone from mostly invisible members of the Lacrosse team bench to some of the most popular kids in their school in the last four days. As well as suddenly being clearly linked to Derek Hale’s Pack, Scott’s new status as a ‘wolf brought him fame both as the natural popularity of being a ‘wolf and the fact that everyone wanted to know the story. And with his new Packmate being Jackson Whittemore’s foster brother, they were now being subjected to their lunch table being invaded by Jackson, Lydia Martin and Danny Mahelani.

The new girl Scott had spoken to the day after he was bitten, Allison, had joined them on the first day as well. She had been sweet and warmed easily to Scott, and he had been quite thrilled by her attention. But she had gotten extremely uncomfortable when she’d realised Scott was a ‘wolf, especially when Erica had slinked into a seat at the table and smirked at her. She hadn’t been back since.

* * * * *

If Stiles had hoped that the altercation between them at the grocery store had finally driven Derek off, he would have been disappointed. The older man was still following him, and he wasn’t even attempting to be subtle any more. It was driving Stiles crazy.

Two days passed, then Stiles got home from school to find Derek loitering on his doorstep. He ignored him, unlocked the the house and walked inside. He had been hoping to shut the door and lock Derek out, but by the time he had tugged his keys out of the door and started to swing it shut, Derek had slipped past him into the house and made himself comfortable at the kitchen table. Stiles stared at him incredulously, but Derek just looked at him blankly.

Shrugging, beyond bemused, Stiles dropped his bag by the door and went to the fridge for a soda. He contemplated offering Derek one, but just lingered in the open fridge doorway instead. At least there was a good chance that his dad would come home soon – surely Derek wouldn’t kill him in the Sheriff’s house, right?


He was unnaturally silent for a while. He was a talker, always had been – he learned to talk at nine months and, as his mother said, never learned how to stop. But he couldn’t think of anything to say at all – his childish crush on Derek was warring with the new fury and hurt that wishes-he-was-Alpha-Hale had tried to ban Scott from seeing Stiles.

“You’re not what I expected.” Derek finally said to his back, Stiles’ head still buried in the fridge.

“What?” Stiles asked, jerking up and turning around. He was stunned that their mutual silence had been broken.

“I’ve seen you around, I know you’re sarcastic and don’t put up with people. When you were with Scott that day and you made a dog joke as well… I didn’t think you’d be the best person to be around Scott. Mundanes… some mundanes think we’re nothing better than base animals, and they use our nature as an excuse to do horrific things.”

Stiles remembered the girl who died. But then he thought of the haunted look in Isaac’s eyes – a look put there by his human father when he had been a human child.

“People use anything as an excuse. It doesn’t mean anything – it doesn’t mean you’re base, or an animal. That’s just the excuse people use.”

“I know that.” Derek growled. He looked pissed off, and it was irritating Stiles.

“Look, what do you want here? You told Scott to stay away from me. I know Scott told you that’s not going to happen. You warned me away and I told you that was never going to happen either. Are you going to threaten me next?”

“I’m trying to apologise!” Derek growled. Stiles stopped his frantic flailing, stunned.


“Look, I made a mistake.” It sounded like the words were being physically dragged out of Derek. “I remember you, you know? You were only, what, eleven when I was a Senior? But you used to watch me all the time, like you were afraid I was going to suddenly snap one day and murder people. I thought your dad was telling you stories that made you scared of ‘wolves.”

“I wasn’t staring at you!” Stiles exclaimed, blushing bright red. Derek just raised an eyebrow that plainly said he could hear Stiles lying. “Well, I was but… I wasn’t scared of you. I’m not scared of you and even if I was, I could never be scared of Scott!”

Derek watched him for a moment, then nodded. “I believe you. But even then… I heard you calling Scott a puppy. I thought you were like… There are people in the world who are not kind about werewolves. Who call us things like ‘dog’ and ‘puppy’ and think it means they can treat us like a pet or a tool.” For a moment, there was a look in Derek’s eyes that was so… haunted, Stiles just wanted to go to him and provide comfort.

“I’ve always called Scott a puppy. It’s a thing. I didn’t mean it like…” Stiles trailed off numbly.

“I know that you wouldn’t hurt Scott. I know you’re supporting him. I just thought – I’ve seen it happen before. A newly turned ‘wolf is vulnerable, and I’ve seen people do things. I can’t even – Scott’s my first Beta. I knew I would get Erica, Boyd and Isaac when I came home, we’ve been talking for a while, but Scott was the first one I actually bonded to and he’s the newest. The others already got their training from my Pack. I’m overprotective of him and I made a mistake.”

Derek had never been a talker, so Stiles appreciated that he was trying. And he understood, a bit. He knew that Scott could be easily affected by his emotions at the moment, and he could see how that could be dangerous for him.

“I think we both want the same thing here.” Stiles said finally. “We both want Scott to be safe, and to adapt to being a werewolf easily. I don’t see why we have to be enemies in this.”

“Allies, then?” Derek said. Stiles nodded. Derek grunted, nodded to him, and walked out.

“That wasn’t actually an apology, you know.” He called after him. The front door slammed shut. “Like I don’t know you can still hear me, Sourwolf!” He yelled, but let it go.

He finished putting away the last of the groceries as an excited little flutter happened in his stomach. Now that they had put their animosity aside, he was hit by the realisation that Derek Hale had been in his house. He grinned, and hurried upstairs to call Scott and tell him.

* * * * *

If Stiles had though that the almost-apology and decision to become allies would mean that Derek would stop following him, he would have been mistaken. If anything, the werewolf had become even more obvious about it over the last couple of days.

He would have been annoyed, but it was Derek’s lurking presence that saved Stiles’ life, in the end.

He had been practicing his Lacrosse moves on the field waiting for Scott to finish his last period, when he heard a low rumbling growl. He looked up in time to see the yellowed eyes of an Omega standing at the edge of the Lacrosse pitch, staring at him. Stiles was aware of everything, in one second – the stick in his hand, the breeze on his face, the sound of students in the classrooms only a short distance away. The complete futility of trying to run.

He ran anyway, panicking when he heard the Omega chasing him. They drew closer and closer, rapidly outpacing him no matter how hard Stiles tried to speed up. He was certain he was about to be ripped to pieces, when he heard a sudden yelp, then a horrific crunch and a loud howl. He turned to look, and just managed to get a glimpse of Derek – of course – before he stumbled in his forward momentum and went flying into the ground.

His arm was on fire, he decided, that was the only way to explain the pain. And he was certain he was loosing blood rapidly from the gashes in his legs. That was the only explanation for the way he limply allowed Derek Hale to carry him to his jeep and dump him in the passenger seat.

“What about the ‘mega?” He asked, when Derek jumped in the driver’s side and started driving him onwards.

“I broke both his arms, his leg and his back. He’ll heal, but slower than a Pack wolf, he won’t be moving for a while. I signalled my mum, she’s gonna get him and deal with him. She was already on the edge of the preserve when we left.”

“Will she kill him?”

“It depends – you ran away from him, which provoked his prey drive. He’s practically feral. But in a Pack, with time, he might recover. He’s never killed anyone – his eyes are yellow. If his eyes were blue, or if she thinks even a Pack won’t help him recover, she will kill him. Better her than the hunters – they like to experiment on Omegas to find out more about us before they kill us.”

Stiles swallowed back his horror at the thought and nodded. He was still cradling his arm to his chest, and Derek noticed.

“Is it hurting badly?” He asked. Stiles nodded. He then watched in bafflement as Derek released the wheel with one hand and reached over to take Stiles’ hand. Stiles’ mind was so busy running in circles of ‘he’s holding my hand, Derek Hale is holding my hand’, that he didn’t notice the paid draining away for a moment.

He watched in fascination as black lines ran up Derek’s arm, seeming to carry away all his pain. It was sheer bliss. Not just the lack of pain, but something else, the feeling of Derek around him, centring him mind and filling him up. For a few moments it was the most peace he had ever known.

His happy feeling vanished when Derek pulled up – but not to the hospital, where Stiles expected to be taken.

“You brought me to a vet?!” He squeaked. Derek shrugged and got out, coming round to help Stiles out of the jeep. Stiles just stared at him incredulously until Derek dragged him into the surgery.

“Deaton!” He called roughly. He walked up to the wooden bar separating the waiting area from the surgery, and stopped patiently.

A few moments later, a man who could only be an Emissary appeared. He ran his gaze over both Derek and Stiles, before raising his eyes to Derek. “You don’t look hurt and neither of you have a pet with you, so I’m not sure why you’re coming to me. You should take the boy to the hospital.”

Derek’s face twisted at the thought, and for a second Stiles thought of the overwhelming smells of antiseptic and death, the mourning cries of family, kids like him watching helplessly as their mothers died in front of their faces…

He could understand why Derek might not like hospitals, in the end.

Deaton was watching him intently, Stiles realised, then the man carefully pulled up the plank that served as a makeshift barrier to the back rooms, and let them past. Stiles felt a shiver pass over his skin as he walked through, shock finally setting in.

Deaton examined him carefully, prodding his arm and carefully cleaning away the dirt from his grazed knee. It wasn’t as bad as it had felt to start with, something Stiles had known even then. Finally he walked away and came back with an ice-pack for his arm.

It’s just a mild sprain, use the ice for now and rest it for a few days.”

“Are you sure, don’t you have to do an x-ray or something?” Stiles asked. Deaton just looked at him.

“Are you going to pay for the x-ray, Stiles?”

“Umm, no?” He replied, thinking of his empty bank account. Deaton nodded.

“I’m sure it’s a sprain. I may not be qualified to treat humans but I’ve seen my fair share of injuries from this lot.” He waved towards Derek, who shrugged.

“You mean… you treat the ‘wolves? Aren’t you a vet? And Scott’s boss?”

“Yes, I am all those things. I am also an Emissary and support for the local ‘wolf pack. Mundane doctors rarely know how best to treat ‘wolves, so it tends to be left to the Emissaries to make sure they are healing well.”

Stiles laughed incredulously. “So basically, Derek panicked and took me to his doctor?”

“Well yes. His instinct was to take you to someone who could help you. I’m flattered that to his mind, that someone was me.”

Stiles looked down at his arm and lifted away the ice-pack. The wrist was swollen a little but he still had some movement in it, which was good. He looked up again when a small pot was suddenly held out to him.

“Rub this on your arm, it will help to make the pain go away and reduce the swelling.” Deaton said. Stiles took the pot and looked at it, wrinkling his nose at the awful smell. It looked like ashes and talc mixed with egg-white, and he really didn’t want that on his skin.

But Deaton was watching him expectantly and Derek still looked a little on edge. So Stiles carefully scooped out some of the paste and spread it over the worst of the swelling. He was stunned when it worked almost immediately – the pain drained away and by the time he had finished rubbing it in, his wrist was less swollen.

“Wow, Doc, this stuff is like magic.” He said, turning the pot over for a label.

“Not like magic, Stiles. It is magic – your spark. In the hands of a mundane, that would be nothing but foul smelling goop.”

Stiles looked up at the vet in shock.

“My what?”

“Your spark. Your abilities. I knew your mother, you know, before… well. She had the spark, and lots of it. She was very strong in the Uncanny and would have made a good Emissary in another life. It looks like you’ve inherited her gifts.” He turned Stiles’ wrist over gently. “Yes, a very strong presentation of the spark, especially for someone who is untrained. And I have no doubts that you are a latent Guide.”

“My mother wanted nothing to do with being an Emissary or her gifts.” Stiles said, refusing to even consider the rest of what Deaton had said. Deaton nodded, but he didn’t look like he was actually agreeing.

“Do you think she didn’t want anything to do with the Uncanny? Or was it just that she didn’t want to be Peter Hale’s Guide?”

Chapter Four