Title: Such Red Eyes
Author: Alania Black
Fandom/Genre: Teen Wolf
Relationship(s): Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit sex, canon-typical violence, magic and mayhem, AU-werewolves are known

Summary: In a world where Alpha ‘wolves rule, Derek Hale has never felt that he fits in with his sleek, powerful family. He may have the Sentinel ability in his bloodstream, and three young bitten ‘wolves as his personal pack, but his eyes have always stubbornly remained the Beta ‘wolf blue – a fact that few people in his power-hungry world lets him forget.

As a mundane human, Stiles Stilinski lives a normal life unaffected by the power-plays and politics of the upper echelons, until his best friend is bitten by a rogue Alpha and suddenly werewolves and magic become a part of his life. And the deeper he gets into the mysteries of the Uncanny, the closer he gets to unlocking a part of himself he didn’t know existed.

Then he meets Scott’s new pack, and the notorious Derek Hale – and everything changes.

Chapter Two

Stiles went straight to Scott’s house after leaving him in the woods – there was no point going back to school when he was already going to be reported to his dad as going off sick, especially with double chemistry this afternoon with Harris. He spent an hour or so studying dutifully, before he got bored and started flipping through Scott’s games. Eventually he grabbed one of his PlayStation games and spent an hour gleefully destroying Scott’s high scores.

He heard Scott’s car pull up and slipped into the shadows behind the doorway. He pounced on Scott the second he walked in, leaping at him and aiming to wrap his arms and legs around the other boy. It was a game they played sometimes, one Stiles had always won. Except this time Scott twisted away from him without looking and flipped around to catch Stiles’ body, using his own momentum to take him down and pin him. Stiles whooped excitedly, rolling over when Scott sat back and laughing gleefully at the stunned pleasure on the other boy’s face.

Woo, mad skills, bro! You’re already rocking those ‘wolfy powers!” Scott laughed sheepishly and rubbed a hand over his hair, suddenly very much the puppy Stiles had always known. “So how did it go? What did Alpha Hale say? You promised to tell me everything!” Stiles bounced up and flopped down on Scott’s bed, before looking up with Scott with his wide eyed ‘I’m listening’ face. Scott grimaced at him, before his irrepressible smile came back.

“It went fine Stiles, although Alpha Hale wasn’t actually there. It was just her Beta, Derek.” Stiles’ mouth dropped open.

“Derek. As in Derek Hale, basketball champion, Homecoming King, superstar architect, Beacon Hills’ most eligible bachelor, Derek Hale? That… That rude mountain man was Derek Hale?” He interrogated excitedly.

“I’m surprised you didn’t recognise him, you practically stalked him when he was a senior.” Scott replied. Stiles huffed, affronted.

“We never talk about that, Scott. Lydia is my Queen, my Goddess, my future wife. My temporary… insanity over him should never be spoken of again – you did a pinkie swear, Scott. You don’t go back on a pinkie swear!” He glared. Scott rolled his eyes and muttered a half-hearted apology. Stiles decided it was enough, but shot him a suspicious look anyway. “Besides, the last time I saw him was two years ago and he didn’t look like… that. And isn’t he still supposed to be in Stanford?”

“Of course you’re completely over him and no longer stalking him like a mad… stalker… Stiles. Never mind that you knew exactly where he was up until two days ago. But anyway, Derek was home and he’s the one that was there. Everyone else was hunting the Alpha.

“He said that I would have to go back tonight with my mum, for now I just have to stay home and avoid things that raise my heart rate.”

“That’s it? You were there for ages, is that all he said?”

“Well he looked at the bite and made me test some of my senses. My hearing, sight and smell are better but they aren’t at the ‘wolf level yet. He said that it doesn’t look like I’m rejecting it yet but to call him immediately if something wrong with me as well.”

“As well, that’s what he said?”

“Yeah. Well, he actually said ‘call me if you think you’re rejecting. I won’t be able to save you but at least let me know’.”

“He said that? What an asshole!” Stiles cried. Scott shrugged, it wasn’t like everyone didn’t already know that rejecting the bite would kill. Stiles sighed and brushed it off. “Oh my God, you know what this means, Scotty? The missing person! It wasn’t an Omega attack, was it? The missing person was bitten by the same Alpha as you. They must have rejected it and died.”

“Died?” Scott moaned. He looked up at Stiles with scared eyes. “Will I die?” Stiles ruffled his hair and shook his head.

“Of course not, buddy! You’re fine, you are turning fine. Don’t worry about it, Ok? I heard that worrying about it just makes it worse.”

Scott glared at him for the unhelpful advice, but eventually he just nodded. “Fine, you’re right I guess.”

“What do you need, Scott?” Stiles asked after a few minutes. Scott shrugged.

“Nothing right now. I’m really tired, I think I just want to nap.” Stiles nodded, that made sense. Between the huge wound on Scott’s side and the wholesale changes taking over his body, Stiles would be surprised if he wasn’t exhausted.

“Do you want me to stay with you?” He asked. They hadn’t napped together since they were little kids, but he was just realising the huge changes going on in Scott’s body and how close he was to dying. He didn’t want to leave Scott on his own right now – he couldn’t help but remember what it was like when his Mum… he hadn’t wanted to leave her, either, just in case he couldn’t go back.

Scott hesitated then shook his head. His face was torn between a desire to say ‘yes’, and a strange new anxiety.

“No, I don’t want to risk hurting you if I get restless in my sleep or something.”

Stiles rolled his eyes at the other boy, kicked off his sneakers and crawled onto the bed. “I doubt that you are going to wake up in your sleep and suddenly decide that I look like a tasty little snack and tear me to pieces with your werewolf teeth, Scott. Besides, you know your mum would be pissed, I’m definitely her favourite.”

Scott scoffed at him, but grinned and joined him a few seconds later on the bed. They snuggled down on the bed, arranging limbs and pillows for comfort, and closed their eyes for a nap.

“Hey Stiles,” Scott whispered, “I’m a werewolf, how cool is that?”

Stiles grinned, but carefully bashed a pillow over Scott’s face. “Sure buddy, you’re totally badass now.”

* * * * *

They were woken up a few hours later when Melissa McCall got home, calling out her customary greeting to them both. They were both a bit sleepy and muddled when they woke up, and didn’t realise she was coming upstairs until she was stood in the doorway to Scott’s bedroom, looking at them both.

“I don’t want to know why Scott faked sickness and skipped out of most of the school day and I come home to find the two of you in bed together, do I?”

Stiles laughed, Scott groaned and made a face at her.

“Actually, mum, I didn’t skip out of school. I… Can we talk?”

Her face changed from teasing to solemn and welcoming in a heartbeat, and she sat down in Scott’s computer chair, ready to listen. It was something Stiles admired about her and was secretly a little jealous of Scott over – she was still wearing her hospital scrubs, exhaustion over the long day showing in her face and the way she had just scraped her hair up. But despite that, and all the other worries she must have as a single mother, she loved her son so much and was completely ready to be there for her son.

Stiles had his dad, and he loved him, but he missed him mum fiercely sometimes.

Scott sat up in the bed, and Stiles pushed himself out. He was about to make his excuses and leave, but Scott just shot him a look.

“No, Stiles, you can stay here and help explain some of this.”

“Aww, Scotty… I think this is a conversation for you and your mum, I don’t think you need me here…”

“Stiles, sit.” Scott’s mum snapped and pointed at the bed. Stiles flopped sullenly back down.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, both Stiles and Melissa watching Scott. He didn’t seem to have a clue what to say, and just kept starting to speak and breaking off. Stiles finally reached the limits of his endurance after a few minutes, and snapped.

“Ok, so here’s the think, Mrs McCall, Scott and I were… practicing Lacrosse last night in the Preserve, and we were attacked by a rogue Alpha wolf that chased us and bit Scott. He went to the Hales’ today, which is why he called off sick, and Derek Hale told him that he’s turning into a Werewolf and he has to go back tonight, with you, to see Alpha Hale.”

“Stiles!” Scott cried. Stiles shrugged.

“What, Scott? You’ve got somewhere to be tonight, we didn’t have time for you to spend an hour stuttering out the word ‘Werewolf’.”

“Stiles, that’s enough.” Melissa looked at Scott, and for a moment the full weight of her love and worry and motherhood seemed to be pressing down on her. “Scott, is this true, or just a prank. To be clear, I’m not an idiot, that whole part about Lacrosse practice was probably the worst lie Stiles has come up with since he tried to convince me a racoon broke in and stole the brownies last year. But the rest of it?”

Scott nodded. “Yeah, mum. I… my senses are starting to change and Derek says I’m turning.” He tugged up his shirt to expose the bandage on his hip, and carefully peeled away the medical tape. The bite mark was still clearly visible but it was faded and down to little more than a scar, it looked weeks old.

“Oh, Scott. What am I going to do with you?”

“Well, Derek said I should bring you with me tonight. As the human parent of a Pack-member, you would also have a place in the Pack. He said that the Alpha that turned me probably wouldn’t last long, and that I should talk to Alpha Hale about finding a place in the Pack.”

“Ok.” She said, and raised a shaking hand to tug at her hair. “Ok, we can deal with this. My son is just a different species to me, that’s fine, I can cope.” She looked at Scott then. “You know… your dad has the gene. He was born human but his mum and several of his cousins are all wolves. We thought maybe you would be born as a ‘wolf, or at least be a Sentinel yourself. His family might, I mean, they’re high up in their Pack. You could…” she broke off, clearly in too much pain to finish the statement. Scott shook his head fiercely.

“I’m not leaving you mum. Especially not to go live with him, he abandoned us! And his mum was horrible to me because I was human. I don’t want to be part of her Pack.” He sighed. “The Pack here is established and gets on well with the humans, everyone knows that there are humans in their Pack structure. I think I’ll be fine here, so long as Alpha Hale accepts me.” She nodded, but Stiles realised there were tears in her eyes seconds before she pulled Scott into a hug.

Sensing his part here was done, Stiles slipped out. He sent Scott a message from his jeep to call him the second he’d met with the Pack and tell him how it went. HE pulled into the driveway and home and strode in, only to find his dad sat at the table in his uniform, clearly waiting for him.

“Stiles, son, how about you take a seat and tell me why the school sent you home because you were ‘suffering extreme bouts of vomiting and explosive diarrhoea’, but you haven’t actually been home even though the school day ended two hours ago?”

Stiles gulped, but took a seat at the table and prepared to tell his dad what had happened.

Predictably, he didn’t believe they were at Lacrosse practice any more than Melissa had.

“What’s going to happen to Scott now?” his dad asked. Stiles shrugged.

“I’m not sure, but he seems to be turning without a problem and he’s been invited to meet with Alpha Hale. Hopefully she will give him a place in her Pack.”

“He’ll need one, he’s an Omega now.”

“The Alpha that turned him…”

“Alpha Hale eliminated the threat to her territory, yes. I recorded it at the precinct this afternoon, and the Emissary informed the Council. Technically, since Alpha Hale destroyed her rival and took his powers, Scott is now part of her Pack anyway. But at this stage the bond is fragile and if she thinks he’d be a threat to the Pack or might disrupt the hierarchy, she could still chose to end it and expel him from the territory. Having said that, I know Alpha Hale fairly well through the department, and I think Scott is in good hands with her.”

“What about… I heard there might be other victims?”

“The Alpha bit someone else, a young woman. She was from a purely mundane family.” Stiles nodded his understanding. Mundane humans could take the bite, but they had a much higher rejection rate than those, like Scott, who already had some Uncanny blood.

“She rejected the bite?”

“That’s what her father said.” His dad hesitated a second, then said “he shot her. He said she’d started rejecting the bite and he wanted to spare her the pain. He was arrested, but in previous cases like this, they don’t tend to go to court.” Stiles frowned at his dad.

“You say that like you don’t believe him?”

“There are some families, Stiles, who are purely mundane for a reason. Some humans who are afraid of the Uncanny, who don’t think ‘wolves should have the power they do. Some of them become hunters, and others just mutter and fester hatred privately. That girl didn’t look like she was rejecting the bite, it was healing well. I’ve ordered an autopsy, but between her father’s attitude about ‘wolves and what I saw of her bite, I think I already know what it will show.”

“You think she was turning and he killed her because of it?”

“Yes, I do.”

“That’s… that’s horrible.” Stiles said. “I can’t believe someone would kill their child because…” He thought back to Melissa, the way she had just pulled Scott into a hug, how much she had loved him unconditionally. He couldn’t imagine his own dad would have reacted any differently if he’d been the one bitten.

His dad shook his head and pulled him into a hug.

“It wasn’t what I’d hoped for when we went looking for her yesterday.” He sighed. “But I will do everything in my power to get justice for her.”

Stiles nodded into his dad’s shoulder and tightened the hug for a moment before letting go.

“I think I’m gonna just go upstairs and do some studying.” He said. His dad nodded.

“Yeah, you better. I’ll be taking your games console and your DVDs, you’re officially grounded for the next, oh, lifetime or two.”

“What? Dad!”

“What? Stiles!” His dad mocked. “You dragged your friend to the woods in the middle of the night and got him bitten by a werewolf, not to mention that you must have been listening into my calls again – when I specifically told you to stop doing that – to know what was going on. I don’t believe for a second that it’s a coincidence that you were in the woods when we were looking for a missing girl and a werewolf.”

Stiles whined but he couldn’t really argue with that. He slumped upstairs and cracked open his laptop to study, glad his dad had at least left him his phone so he could find out from Scott how it went.

* * * * *

How it went was summed up in one text message at 11 that night: “everything fine, speak tomorrow”.

Stiles could kill him. He really could. Tomorrow.

He jumped into his jeep the next morning earlier than normal and stuck tightly to the speed limit the whole way to Scott’s house. He pulled up five minutes before Scott was supposed to leave for school, and beeped him when he left the house. Scott looked up, smiled wearily and headed over to climb into the passenger seat of the car.

“So? Come on Scott that message last night was ridiculous!”

“It went fine, Stiles. I spoke to Alpha Hale, she asked about my school, about my job at the vets, asked me how I got bit, asked me about you and about my relationship with my father. Then she said that she killed the Alpha that turned me and that she was now my Alpha, if I was happy to accept her. I said I was and she transformed and howled. I howled with her, so did the rest of the Pack, and we were bonded.”

“Oh. I thought it would be more… naked running through the woods or something.”

“Your fantasies are really worrying, you know that, Stiles?”

“I know. So what happened then?”

“Well, then she told me the bad news. She wants me to be in Derek’s Pack.”

“Derek? But he’s not an Alpha. Is he? Has he found a Guide?”

“No. He’s a Beta, but he has Alpha potential. You know Laura took up with her own Pack in Beacon Valley, but she still reports to Talia as her Alpha Prime? Basically they gave Derek some Betas and put them under his control as a Pack for when he finds his Guide.”

“Well that’s not a bad thing, Derek is a good guy and I bet he’ll be a good Alpha for you. Beta. Whatever.”

“Yeah, he said we were brothers now. He said I could go to him for anything and he would help me. His Pack also includes Erica Reyes – you remember they gave her the bite a few years ago when her epilepsy got bad?” Stiles nodded, “and Vernon Boyd, his Dad’s a ‘wolf and he took the bite when he was sixteen to join the Pack. And then there’s Isaac Lahey.”

“Lahey? Jackson’s foster brother?”

“Yeah. He took the bite and they put him in Derek’s Pack. They were going to offer it to Jackson, too, but they decided to leave him in his father’ s Pack since he would be the next head of the Pack.”

“Ugh, that means your pack mate is my dad’s boss’ foster son.”

“Yeah, sorry buddy.” Scott said, but he was grinning. “But Isaac’s cool. He’s really sweet but a bit sarcastic – kinda like you but nice.”

“Hey, I’m nice!” Stiles protested.

“Well, then, nicer.” Scott said.

“Thank you. So, they sound… Ok, I guess.”

“The Pack is fine. It’s just…” He trailed off, and winced. He looked miserable, a look Stiles realised had been sitting just behind his eyes since he got in the car. They were just pulling into the school, so Stiles pulled up and parked, before turning to his friend.

“Scott, come on man, you’ve been looking miserable all morning. The Pack have accepted you, you’ve got a Pack of good people who seem to be nice and about your age and were all bitten ‘wolves as well, so they’ll be able to help you get used to being a ‘wolf. So what’s the problem?”

“Derek!” Scott exploded finally, “Derek is my problem. He said…” Scott trailed off.

“Scott! What did he say?”

“He said that he thought I should stop being friends with you!” Scott finally burst out with. Stiles flopped back in his seat in shock.

“He said what?”

“He said that you… he said I should stop hanging out with you, that you had a bad attitude about the Uncanny and that you might make it harder for me to adjust to being a ‘wolf. He said that he thought I should focus on building my relationships with the Pack instead.” Scott looked frantically at Stiles. “Stiles, listen to me. I told him to forget it, ok? I told him that if he wanted me in his Pack, that you were part of the deal. I mean, I’ll hang out with them, I like his Pack and I want them to be my friends, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop being your friend!”

“It’s ok, Scott. We’re blood brothers, remember? You’re not getting rid of me that easily!” He joked. Scott kept looking at him for a few minutes, so Stiles concentrated on swallowing down his devastation that Derek said something like that about him. Scott seemed to buy it, because he finally relaxed and grinned.

“Yeah, right man. I knew I could count on you, Stiles.”

Stiles grinned back and followed Scott into the school, trying to put the thoughts out of his mind.

It almost worked until he began to feel a creeping sensation down his spine. He hesitated on the steps up to the school and looked over his shoulder, wondering what it was he was feeling. He was about to brush it off as just an odd feeling, until his eyes caught a dark shape on the other side of the car park.

Derek Hale was standing there, leather-clad arms crossed across his chest, glaring angrily at Stiles. Stiles caught his eyes for a second, before his own face narrowed into a glare and he turned around, deliberately giving Derek his back as he walked into the school.

Chapter Three