Title: Too Far
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Warning: BDSM, slash, mentions of possible mpreg
Summary: Harry has gone too far this time, and ‘Professor Snape’ must punish him.

Too Far

“So help me, you’ve gone too far this time, Harry.”

Harry swallowed hard. He knew what was coming next. His lover was angry, with every right, and he deserved his punishment. Professor Snape glowered and pointed towards the desk. Harry fidgeted nervously with his school uniform, unnerved by his Professor’s dark-eyed unyielding gaze.

“Lower your trousers and bend over the desk.”

Harry sighed and obeyed quickly rather than anger Professor Snape further. He shivered in fear as his Professor caressed one hand over his bottom, and murmured a soft, querulous “Professor?”

“Silence, Harry.” And with that, the hand came down in a hard swat. Harry cried out, pushed against the desks by the swats. One after another, the punishment rained down hard. He accepted them, whimpering quietly as they sparked something deep inside him.

“Well, what have we here?” An amused voice murmured darkly in his ear, capturing the erection that had somehow formed through this cruel and unusual punishment. Harry blushed and stuttered nervously, broken off by a loud groan as the Professor stroked hard, pushing a finger into him.

“Professor!” He gasped at the strange intrusion. Professor Snape stroked his back soothingly as another finger went in, then a third. Finally deeming Harry ready, he pushed his own cock in. Harry was once again rocked against the desk, this time by his Professor’s hard thrusts, pushing him into the hand grasping his erection and dragging him to climax.

“An incentive, Harry, for you to do better next time.”

Harry choked at this and came as the Professor did, crying out “Severus!”

“Harry, you fell out of character.” He chided, pulling out and smiling as he handed Harry his robes. Harry wriggled out of the rest of the uniform and dressing properly. Severus let out a quiet laugh, causing Harry to look curiously at him, but he did not explain what had amused him. Instead, he indicated the time – they had ten minutes until they were expected at the Teacher’s table for the Welcoming Feast. The Teacher’s table, with the hard wooden seats at the longest feast Hogwarts held. Harry would find out why Severus was laughing soon enough.

“Come along, Professor Potter, we have students to greet.”

“I can’t believe you have to punish me every time one of our or Draco’s children make it into Gryffindor.”

“Draco, Pansy and I are all Slytherins, therefore the Gryffindor influence most definitely come from you. This is the fourth of six children to enter this school and, unless the Hat was lying to me, it will be the third to have made it to Gryffindor. It’s not right. You deserve your punishment.”

Harry laughed and kissed him, silently thankful it would be another two years before Severus would see Albus enter the school, because he was most definitely going to Gryffindor. Harry pulled away, following him to the door. He stopped after only a step and cried out. “Oh, bastard!” Now he knew why Severus was laughing, this was going to be torture. “How do I forget this every time? You are definitely going to pay for this!”

Severus just chuckled darkly and pushed him forward.