Master’s Kiss, the most important in the world…

In a world where dominance and submission are the norm; in a world where sexuality is ruled by dynamic, not gender; in a world where slavery is law – how would familiar characters live and love?

Master’s Kiss is a multi-fandom AU, where the characters are dominants, submissives or even slaves.

As Master’s Kiss has characters in a naturally dominant/submissive relationship, BDSM themes are explored and some of the fics can include explicit and varied sex acts. The relationships involved can be between two men, two women or a man and a woman, and some relationships may be between more than two people. Please bear this in mind before reading.

Stories in the series:

Teardrops – Hawaii Five-0 – Rachel had sneered at his tears, Steve reacted like this, treating his tears as reverently as he treated Danny himself, accepting them as precious gifts.

Slices of Life – Hawaii Five-0 – Slices of life from Teardrops and Steve and Danny’s life together.