Cat’s Eyes – Supernatural – John is turned into a cat. Somehow being a cat turns him into a better father.

Reality Tale Life – Supernatural – “He closes his eyes, and Sam is in front of him, so much so he’s almost real, and behind him Maggie and Kate are fading into dust. But his eyes open, and he can see his Kate again, so real. More real than Sam whoever he is.”

Experiment – Lie to Me – He realises that Eli is in love with him, that the manipulation he’s been using against him for years was because of this, because Eli is stupidly addicted to him, in love with him despite everything. Cal looks, and sees, and knows everything.

The Other Raggedy Doctor – Doctor Who – It was always them, Amy, Rory, the Doctor and the TARDIS.

Job Opportunities – Doctor Who/Torchwood – Drabble for Canton post Day of the Moon: what does he do next?

Five Things Kono Senses (and one she doesn’t) – Hawaii Five-0 – Five things Kono senses about Steve and Danny – and one thing she doesn’t.

Sartorially Offensive – Hawaii Five-0 – “Sartorially offensive? Did you just end an argument with me about my taste in pizza toppings by calling my sartorially offensive?”
Written for a prompt.