Title Domestic Un-Bliss Series Page
Fandom Stargate Atlantis
Pairing John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Summary John started it by bringing a miniature Cephalopod into his quarters and letting it live in his walls. Rodney brought the Household Appliance, fate brought the baby. Rodney brought the cat, but really, John brought Rodney, so he kinda deserves it. It’s nothing like bliss, and barely domestic since neither of them actually do that, but it’s still theirs. And they still love it.

Series notes This is a fun little series I have fallen a bit in love with. The fics can be read in almost any order but I would recommend reading them chronologically, as below:

Celo – “‘Uh, a little… help?’ John asked weakly, head poking up from a tangle of tentacles and an oddly shaped little body.” – in which John and Rodney accidentally adopt an undersized cephalopod, and somehow fall in love along the way.

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three

Loneliness – Rodney had never felt lonely before, but now it was getting harder to come to his quiet, sterile quarters and leave John and Celo behind.

Henry – “’He’s a multi-directional, self-instructing, renewably charged cleaning bot.’
‘He’s basically a Henry hoover.’ John said. ‘But a little advanced.’”
John and Rodney add to their dysfunctional little family.

Melaa – Neither of them had asked to be adoptive parents to a baby girl, but if Celo had taught them nothing else, he’d taught them the value of teamwork and a strong family bond.
At least this time, John thought with satisfaction, Rodney got to be Mommy.

Gravity – It was a supreme struggle to sit there, still, feeling tortured and on the edge of moving as they watched the girl battle an age-old opponent.

Precedent – To be fair, John had been the first to bring home a ‘stray’.



Bubbles Socrates

“Rodney,” John sighed, long-suffering expression firmly in place, “it’s a bubble.”

“It is not!” Rodney replied defensively, “it’s a forcefully-ascended being that was once a common house-cat, suspended in an electro-magnetic transluscent matrix designed to minimise its influence on the outside world.”

He patted it defensively, and looked at John with a protective glare that was far more sweet than scary. “I’ve called him Socrates.”

John looked away before Rodney could see the amusement in his eyes, and privately resigned himself to the newest member of his dysfunctional little family.