Title: Such Red Eyes
Author: Alania Black
Fandom/Genre: Teen Wolf
Relationship(s): Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit sex, canon-typical violence, magic and mayhem, AU-werewolves are known

Summary: In a world where Alpha ‘wolves rule, Derek Hale has never felt that he fits in with his sleek, powerful family. He may have the Sentinel ability in his bloodstream, and three young bitten ‘wolves as his personal pack, but his eyes have always stubbornly remained the Beta ‘wolf blue – a fact that few people in his power-hungry world lets him forget.

As a mundane human, Stiles Stilinski lives a normal life unaffected by the power-plays and politics of the upper echelons, until his best friend is bitten by a rogue Alpha and suddenly werewolves and magic become a part of his life. And the deeper he gets into the mysteries of the Uncanny, the closer he gets to unlocking a part of himself he didn’t know existed.

Then he meets Scott’s new pack, and the notorious Derek Hale – and everything changes.


Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four


This is an AU world where werewolves are known and usually referred to as ‘wolves. There are several layers to society:

Alpha ‘wolves and their mates – These make up the highest levels of society. An Alpha ‘wolf is a werewolf with Sentinel gifts, including even more heightened senses. Their mates are their Guides – usually another ‘wolf, who takes on the red eyes as well to reflect their mates when they are bonded – if an Alpha ‘wolf mates with a human Guide, they can sometimes take on shadows of the ‘wolf’s abilities, heal slightly faster and some have the rare ability for their eyes to flare red if threatened. Alpha Primes are the primary Alpha in a pack area, all Alphas and packs in that territory answer to the Alpha Prime.

Alpha-born Betas – Betas born to Alpha ‘wolves are considered to have the latent Alpha gift and take the next highest position in society. They can sometimes be put in charge of a small pack of their own as a subordinate pack to a main, Alpha-led pack. Alpha-born Betas can become an Alpha either by meeting and bonding with a Guide, through the death of their Alpha or sometimes in seriously threatening circumstances.

Unbonded Guides – An unbonded Guide of any sort is protected and cosseted in society. Fierce warriors and able to handle and connect with the Uncanny, an unbonded Guide holds their own power and often exist outside of established hierarchies.

Beta ‘wolves – Beta ‘wolves form packs under an Alpha ‘wolf and benefit, through shared pack gifts, from added strength, agility and healing. In emergencies Betas can act as Guides to a zoning Alpha and the Alpha Guide’s gifts provides a Beta with an anchor through the pack bonds.

Human Sentinels – Humans with the Sentinel gifts act as intermediaries between packs and Mundanes, and are often taken into packs to co-exist with ‘wolves. They almost always survive the bite and are often offered it after they adjust to their gift and find a Guide.

Emissaries – Mundane humans with sensitive gifts can become Emissaries or practitioners of the Uncanny. Often they act as go-betweens for ‘wolf packs and ‘wolf-human relations, especially as they can touch and handle things the ‘wolves cannot.

Mundane humans – Often living within their own social structure and hierarchy, but inside pack territories and with the protection and ultimate leadership of their Alpha Prime, mundane humans have no Sentinel or Guide gifts or ‘wolf traits, but they can taken on ‘wolf abilities from a bite and many have locked down or latent Sentinel or Guide ability – through the bite or use of Uncanny talents, these can be unlocked.

Omegas – ‘wolves with no pack, considered very dangerous.